Luke Donald Struggles In British Masters

LUKE DONALD came out as a generous host of the tournament the British Masters, waving virtually the entire field.

His image is decorating the billboards of the event and the name of the player is adorning the hospitality pavilion. So, this event is like a temple to the world No1 (Former).

Donald played some shots in the tournament, but he failed to hit the ball well. He is scores were not enough to make him stand in the event for a few more rounds.

Reacting on his performance, Donald said, “The entire week was the busy one, and I can’t blame that for my bad performance in the matches.” Donald.

“I drove the ball pretty well in the game; my short game was beyond rusty by my iron play was good. It is almost four weeks I have not played competitive golf, maybe this is the reason that didn’t deal with it effectively. Of course the course is nice and very friendly for players like me.”

“It is really a shameful to me, but tomorrow I will try go low.”

Donald was taking a short-game master class after half an hour of signing for the advantage of the broadcasters. The broadcasters are also the sponsors of the event.

Lee Westwood showed his sympathy towards Luke for his bad game. He said, I can understand what is going through, hosting the event like this and then playing the game is all tough. Probably, Luke was not fully prepared to and his concentration was not on the golf that time

The responsibility of hosting the Close House next year is on the shoulders of Lee Westwood. And he is aware of it; he is playing fairly well in the tournament without making silly mistakes while making the shots.