Luke Donald Biography

Luke Donald was born on the 7th of December in the year 1977. He was born in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. He is one of the most popular golfers of this era; he is the current number one in the world golf rankings and this British lad really knows his game.  He always enjoyed a lot of support from his family to pursue his dreams; he took up golf at a very young age and has been very successful as a player. He went to the Northwestern University on a golf scholarship and performed well for his college, he won many titles in the University level. He turned professional in 2001 and in the very first year he won a title and amassed more than a million dollars thereby becoming one of very few professional golfers to achieve this feat. His talent was recognized immediately and his career simply took off from there.

Luke Donald most plays in the US PGA or the American professional golfing association but he has also played in the European tour and won many important titles there. He has been a prolific performer and he has won an astounding 17,000,000 USD in the PGA and more than 7,000,000 Euros till date. He has played with full dedication and his focus on the game is unmatched. He is very serious about his game and puts in a lot of effort, he believes in hard work and a lot of practice and that is why he can be seen practicing on a course even during the off season in all types of weather conditions.

Luke Donald has represented his country in the Ryder Cup which is the most important tournament in golf. To be able to represent your country in this prestigious tournament is a great honor and he has helped his team clinch the title in 2010. The game was very memorable as he snatched victory from the hands of the American team at the very last shot. He has always been a terrific finisher which makes his game very exciting to see also. He has fans from both the countries and he has turned into a very popular figure. Off the course, he is a terrific personality who knows how to enjoy life, he is very social and is also very popular in the social circles because of hi good nature and amicable personality.

Luke Donald is a very hardworking player and his hard work paid off when he clinched the world number one sport in May 2011. He has put in some of his most memorable performance in the 2010-11 seasons winning the Madrid Masters. The game had a nail biting finish as he won the game at the very last shot. What makes Luke Donald so successful is his ability to handle pressure and some of his most memorable performances have been under tremendous pressure. He has a very strong mind and he has tremendous control over his nerves which is evident from his enormous success in the game.

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