20 Replies to “Luke Donald: Mizuno Masterclass 2 / Front edge pitch”

  1. worlds best golfer and worlds worse camera man in the same video, what a

  2. @richardsp1 I would hope they wouldn’t. The swing itself isn’t important.
    The videos are more about choosing different shots for different
    situations. If I were Luke, the last thing I would want is for people to
    forget about the advice I was giving and just get caught up in just my
    swing. His swing is his swing. Your swing is yours. How you apply your
    swing to any given situation; thats the objective.

  3. Steve Strickers method is the best! His stats from within 100 yds on the
    PGA tour prove this as well, he leads the “proximity to the hole” stats
    from 100yds. Steves method is wristless!, just a body turn with arms, no
    wrists, the club comes in very shallow, no divot, heaps consistant, try it!

  4. can someone tell me did he made a open club facing the hole at the 1:00
    time of the video?

  5. @killthejoy Yes he did. The front edge of the club is probably aimed at the
    hole (or slightly right because his body is open left and the swing path
    has a small effect on initial ball direction). Opening the club just
    increases the loft (and bounce). Having the body open slightly increases
    the steepness of the club into the ball-which means the ball spins a little
    more and contact is usually better too.

  6. LD hit the ball so soft. The sound is like he hit a table tennis ball. For
    me it is so difficult (high hcper). So I use a 7 and let it roll. But i
    will practise LD’s tip. This is really Masterclass!

  7. very nice video’s of luke with my favorite clubs.. however.. could you get
    a better shot of luke total (even more angles like front, back and front)
    but at least show the swing and move and not just feet and ball…

  8. No dislikes. Not surprising cause there’s nothing bad about Luke or the
    quality of this video.

  9. Like the mental tip about refining your focus to smallest meaningful
    resolution. However, I think it’s also worth adding that this should be
    just for that, focus pre and during the shot. But AFTER the shot, care
    should be taken to not evaluate ones performance based on the same
    criteria, as this could lead to disappointment, anger, negative thinking.
    Best to keep a separate, hoped for result in mind for the post shot
    evaluation, e.g. in this case, getting within tap-în range, or within 6ft,

  10. I’m going to work on getting tap-ins to become one of the best players in
    the world.

  11. a shiny object must have pasted by,when luke was chipping because the
    camerman was really f****** distracted

  12. Absolutely agree. I expect to chip & pitch to a tap in most of the time and
    get quite disappointed when I leave myself over 6ft.

  13. How does this great player not have a couple of majors under his belt? He
    has one of the best swings ever! Go Luke!!

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