Luke Donald Will Miss Europe Ryder Cup

Luke Donald has been the number one golfer not very long back. He has missed out on selection for the Europe’s Ryder Cup event’s team. He has taken the selection as very harsh on himself but sources have revealed that the players who have been picked before him like Lee Westwood, Stephen Gallacher and Ian Poulter would also have reacted in a similar way.

Luke Donald has been a two time club champion among the juniors and has ever since also been a reputed and beloved member of the Hazlemere club for golf. The chairman of the same club Rod Jones too has a very high opinion about Luke Donald. Inspite of all this, the chairman feels that it is glad to see that Luke Donald was the one not taken in the team. Paul Mcginley was the one who had to make the tough call and he has indeed carried out his part in the best way possible.

Sources also said that since Luke always played games and events here and there and loved the sport is definitely missed. There are a number of members of the club as well as people outside who love and miss Luke. There have been talks about how people had lowered their expectations of Luke getting in as the selection had come closer. Initially they were expecting his selection but soon it was just hopes left. This is the reason why many people were not very much shocked.

With all the happenings the vice captain of the team has also said on behalf of the captain that letting Luke out and breaking that news to him was one of the most difficult things he had ever done. However, if a person like Luke Donald has been made to sit out you can well imagine the strength of the team.