Jason Dufner Prefers To Talk About Pinehurst, Ignores His New Hairdo

Taking some time out from his practice session at the Pinehurst, Jason Dufner commented about how he plans to play the game during the U.S open teeing off this week. Incredibly enough, he preferred not to talk about his new hairdo, a shorn tress mop under the golf cap, featuring an X, usually which showcases the Titleist. Instead, Dufner commented about Pinehurst saying that he is really looking forward to playing in the US Open.

Dufner is not only known amongst golfing enthusiast especially PGA Tours, for his stoic character, and his Dufnering rage, but also for his weird hairdo, as observed by Kyle Porter, earlier this year, which the ace golfer was sporting some time back. Almost looking like a windblown coiffure, right on top of his head, the reigning champion of the PGA tours earns few head turns just because of that.

His wild mane actually triggered a successful campaign on the internet, where the motto was to make him take the pruning clippers to manage his wild thatch. This campaign blew up like crazy on twitter as he took off his cap to cheer for Ernie Els, post he defeated Dufner in February.

Meanwhile Will Ferrell believes that Jason Dufner has the biggest chance to win this year’s U.S Open and he is definitely going to be one of the top favorites this year. Ferrell feels that the name, his attitude and the very fact that no one actually expects him to bag the game, including Dufner himself and why the golfer is his hot favorite this season.

In a video names U.S. Open Thoughts with Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell, the all time funny man of Hollywood comments on course booby trapping and transforming it in Hunger Games.