Mediocre performance by Bubba Watson at the PGA USA

The putter is thrown in the air by Bubba Watson as he strikes a poor shot at the championship of US PGA. The delay by weather enforcement at the 96th Championship of the PGA suffered. The fourth round was however, completed by the champion who won the masters.

He was not there at the premises when the fellow companions were hauled from the turf of the golf. The delay lasted for 110 minutes. Over par of 72 was made by Watson but for four days he was not able to break 70. For the second time he donned the green jacket in his career. For the play offs of the Fed Ex Cup he is proving to be good as well as for the team of the Ryder Cup. His year is proving to be successful.

He is gaining coverage which is negative. In the contest of the long drive of America’s PGA he dodged it which he could do without. From the focus of the golf to diversion everything is seen and presumed from the Ryder Cup. Etiquette observed by him in the first two rounds was overshadowed. He did swear, tossed and cursed the clubs which in comparison to Rory Mcllroy was not worth.

Mcllroy was unable to answer the question whether it is tough to play with Watson or not. It is not always straight but it is the shape that matters. Bubba has a grip which is terrible with the swing of the golf which is also terrible. Rickie Fowler is one of the friends of Watson on tour. Both of them enjoy spending time with each other. He keeps on motivating Bubba as according to him he does get a bit aggressive but he does not get affected by it.